DROPKICK MURPHYS: Signed and Sealed in Blood: CD

Mar 07, 2013

Hot off the presses, Boston’s everyman band returns with a new record. Shout-along anthems, rowdy party rockers, and the usual humorous lyrics here and there make this an engaging listen. There’s no unified theme this time, but I think that helps to make the whole outing a bit tighter on this go-round. If you were expecting not to hear songs about drinking, then look elsewhere. But if you take the time to dig into songs like “Don’t Tear Us Apart” and “End of the Night,” you will be richly rewarded. Plus, “The Season’s upon Us” is the best rock X-mas jingle since “Father Christmas.” You can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

 –koepenick (Born And Bred, [email protected])

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