Hands down one of the best Dropdead outings yet. They’ve slowed it down just a smidge and it has worked wonders. Some folks out there might be upset that it’s not the relentless Siege-style assault they’ve been cranking out for the past couple decades, but I think this new direction is pretty good, and look forward to hearing more. It’s high time for another LP. They’re showing more depth in the songs, and the vocals have more bite too. Plus, these songs stick in your head after one listen. “Foundation” kicks the side off, and immediately worms its way into your brain. “Rise! Rise! The future is yours…”. Then there’s “The Final Chapter” that comes crashing down immediately after. Systematic Death kept it up with their fast and take–no-prisoners style of hardcore punk. There is a reason why they are legendary, and if you don’t have any of their previous records, this is a great record to show you why they are held in the light they are. The songs rise with abandon, though they are not a white blur of noise. Instead, they have this intensity with tempo changes here and there, repetitive choruses (check out “Dashing”), and the interplay between the main vocals and the chorus. All together, it sounds like they are on the verge of collapsing into a huge mess. 

 –M.Avrg (Armageddon, armageddonshop.com)