May 20, 2014

Nearly a quarter century and Dropdead is still quite the ferocious beast and a hardcore punk force to be reckoned with. For the unacquainted, Dropdead play super-charged, early ‘80s Finn / Swede-inspired hardcore with just about the same deafening impact of buildings being leveled by tanks falling from the sky. Speaking of which, the lone time I saw Dropdead was on the third story of a building in Los Angeles which shook so hard each time they played a song I seriously feared the floor would collapse beneath the feet of a hundred or so blissful punks. Ruidosa Inmundica follow along nicely and may even have a lesson to offer in insanity for their American split-mates. Three songs of new-arsehole-ripping hardcore with nods to Spanish kings E-150 and Los Angeles’s criminally underrated / unknown Tragatelo. Dropdead have historically always teamed up with legendary acts for splits (Crossed Out, Totalitär, Unholy Grave, Converge, etc.) and this disc further solidifies that legacy. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Armageddon Label, distributed by Deathwish, armageddonshop.com)