DRIVEWAY SPEEDING: Reasons Are Not Answers: CDEP

Jul 22, 2006

Through the years I have really latched onto certain labels, Crackle being one of them. Even with genres that I might not like, they have released bands that I enjoy. I feel like they have a kindred spirit with my taste in music. A new band out of the UK, this band has members from bands that I have enjoyed from the past like Servo (who are incredible!) and Ohno Express. I have heard references to Leatherface thrown around. I can’t use that one. I have no releases from said band and have made no effort on my part to listen to them. I have seen them once live. But what I do know is that these guys know how to keep things mellow but write some great songs with a good sense of melody. While keeping things on the raw side, the magic of the music carries the flag in a bold manner. Like later period Hüsker Dü and what I know of the Replacements, this band play a melodic rock that has enough elements of punk to keep me satisfied.

 –don (Crackle)