DRIP, THE: A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics: CDEP

Nov 21, 2014

These six tracks are blisteringly fast, clocking in at twelve minutes. It’s as though Landmine Marathon had a male vocalist and sped up all their songs. Or perhaps it’s more similar to Magrudergrind. Either way, you get a requisite throat clearing or two, some breakdowns, and a decent range of vocals from Brandon Caldwell—both screaming and growling. It’s all over before you know it, but none of the songs do much to distinguish themselves. It’s a frequent casualty with this sound: a lack of distinctiveness. It makes it hard for me to excitedly recommend this, but I suppose if you’re a big fan of the style (speedy, hardcore grind? fast death metal?) then this’ll do. 

 –kurt (Relapse)