DRIFTAGE: Paint It Black: 7”

Aug 19, 2006

If you’ve never read the lyric sheet of a Japanese band that translates their lyrics into
English, then you’ve missed gems like, “What reflected in the mirror are copy robots talking cheerfully in madness. I believe that I am an original and put my egoism on a nametag.” That’s poetry. I’m not being facetious. The words seem to make no sense, and maybe they don’t make much, but think about it. Read that line a few times. It’s crazy and perfect and takes you out of your normal train of thought. It’s also a good reflection of Driftage’s music: crazy and perfect and taking you our of your normal world. It’s fast and sonic, thoughtful and a lot of fun. Without it, could we, “wander in our drift age”?

 –sean (Snuffy Smile)