DRI: The Dirty Rotten EP: 7”

Sep 02, 2010

I wish I could say that this was my introduction to DRI. But, alas, I was a teenage butt rocker and the same older cousin who turned me onto Iron Maiden (or “the Maiden” as we referred to them) also lent me a copy of Crossover. And while I didn’t hate it, it didn’t live up to the tales of security guards being thrown through walls full of mirrors at a rather unruly concert attended by my aforementioned cousin. Being a bit unimpressed with the album, I largely ignored any and all DRI releases for a long time. Especially the ones where it seemed as if their hair just kept getting longer. It wasn’t until I heard Capitalist Casualties’ take on “Dennis’ Problem” that I was encouraged to give them a second chance, which meant taking a chance on purchasing a CD. You see kids, back in those days you had to actually go to a record store, search through racks, and pray to whatever deity you believed in that they had what you were looking for. Finally, you had to decide whether or not it was worth shelling out the money. CD’s have always been expensive, but back then you didn’t have the option of downloading a file online for free so you couldn’t really argue with the prices no matter how ridiculous they were. (Not to mention being the only punk kid in the record store with no one around to vouch for the purchase.) Buying the Dirty Rotten EP CD was the best decision someone else ever made for me, but even better than that was when they let me borrow it and then forgot about it. This was the DRI I was hoping for. The DRI that crammed an incredible twenty-two songs of pissed-off hardcore that remain timeless and largely unmatched in relevance and intensity. If you’ve never heard DRI and you fancy yourself a hardcore fan, you simply cannot go wrong with this record, presented here on lovely colored vinyl and on its original format. This is the holy grail of classic American hardcore punk.

 –Juan Espinosa (Beer City)