DRI: The Dirty Rotten CD: CD

Jul 16, 2009

Fucking amazing that some things stand the test of time. This former Texas band that moved to San Francisco around the same time as the Stains/MDC were representatives of an important time in punk rock history when thrash was mastered and crossover was introduced. This is a sort of discography of the Dirty Rotten EP/LP, Violent Pacification EP, enhanced and bonus tracks. Forty-four music audio tracks in all. The only thing relevant, in my opinion, is that it’s missing the Dealing with It LP. That was also a classic that should have been included. That was their time period, in my opinion. I was turned off by their later material. I was also turned off that they left behind the punks to focus more on their “crossover” career and not participate as much in the punk scene. The history was they were one of the fastest bands of their era. Songs like "No Sense," "Couch Slouch," "Reaganomics," "Blockhead" and "Busted" are energizing today as they were when I first heard them when they were first released. The lyrics were thought-provoking and political that challenged many issues of the day. The sheer speed of the music was unique at the time and was so mind blowing that I thought nobody could have pushed it to limits like they did. I was a devoted fan at that time. I remember one small show that they played at the Cathay de Grande in LA. I think the song list was fifty to seventy-five songs long, and I think they barely played thirty-five minutes. The song list was written on a bed sheet that looked like a massive banner placed behind the stage. They were fucking amazing live. When they went more in the metal route, the shows were not as exciting. I think my alcohol consumption was much more important because I can vaguely remember seeing them. This is a worthy release of many great songs from an important time period of punk rock, and you can see how much they have influenced modern day thrash, hardcore, power violence, and fastcore. This is worth every single penny that you might have to fork over.

 –don (Beer City)