DRI: Dirty Rotten: LP

Sep 07, 2010

Dirty laundry time. When I was in high school, a couple years after I’d discovered punk, the DRI logo was one of the easier logos to draw: the pedestrian dude running, inside of a circle. I got a jean jacket from Goodwill. I bleached the back panel, then painted the logo. Not satisfied with its punkness, I also found a tan leather dress jacket. I cut the sleeves off the denim jacket and tried my best to sew on the tan arms of the leather jacket. I couldn’t ever get it right. Every time I raised my arms, I’d rip the seams. So, after a lot of not getting it right, I tore the sleeves off and wore the sleeveless denim jacket. It was about a year before the bleach ate through the entire back of the jacket and it totally disintegrated. I got my fair share of crap for that ratty jacket. Why the fuck am I telling you this? It’s good to know that DRI’s Dirty Rotten twenty-two-song EP (originally on 7”) fared much better than my stupid jacket from twenty years ago. When I first heard DRI, I could understand only a couple of their lyrics. I knew I was getting blasted in the face and that they hated Reaganomics and nuclear war. That was good enough for me. We parted ways with Crossover, but I’ve got no ill will. They helped me through a difficult transition and were a great soundtrack to punching holes in walls of my adolescence. Thanks, BeerCity for making a great-to-look-at, true-spirit-of-the-original reissue.

 –todd (Beer City)