D.R.I.: Crossover (Millennium Edition): LP

I remember when this record came out. Suddenly people who would not have even bothered to listen to Violent Pacification or the Dirty Rotten EP/LP were listening to these guys. While it’s certainly a milestone in the history of hardcore and metal, I don’t necessarily think this album is all that good. There are a lot of clunkers and, when compared to the early stuff, it doesn’t have the same fire. DRI raised the bar for bands in the realm of how fast can you go, and all fans of thrash are eternally grateful. They had a huge impact on crossover, but along the way they lost the punch of the early stuff. Was it to reach a larger audience as many accused them of? No idea there. But I do know I’ve tried to get into this record ever since it came out. A few of my friends thought this album was awesome. I just could never get into it. Still can’t. But, if you’re a diehard fan, this edition comes on red vinyl, and is remastered. The CD version comes with extra songs.

 –M.Avrg (Beer City, beercityrecords.com)