D.R.I.: Crossover (Millennium Edition): CD

Jul 13, 2010

BeerCity has been putting out a slew of amazing D.R.I. reissues. This is a particularly fancy package in that it comes with the complete remastered Crossover LP, six live tracks from The Ritz, two demo tracks, and interviews with all four band members. I was one of those “nose in the air” punk rock kids who got really super pissed at all things metal back in the day. If you’re one of the people who feels that crossover almost killed hardcore, then D.R.I. is one of the main bands to blame. I hadn’t heard this album in ages and it’s still super metal, a.k.a. fucking painful, at times. Much of it is straightforward, brilliant 1980s hardcore. But there are all of these lame metal riffs interspersed to slow down the fun. In any event, this piece of history is back for reassessment. Personally, I still can’t get past my childhood aversion to the diluting of hardcore. Give me D.R.I.’s earlier material over this one any day. It’s certainly not without merit and some of the songs kick ass. D.R.I. completests will be all about these nifty new reissues, for sure.

 –Art Ettinger (Beer City, beercityrecords.com)