DRESDEN 45: Paradise Lost (Expanded): CD

Mar 25, 2009

Wow, here’s another one of those bands that time almost, unjustly, forgot. Last remember hearing these kids in the late ‘80s and was mightily impressed with their full-on thrash attack. At the time, things were starting to get a tad rehash, and a lot of groups were jumping ship to take a stab at metal superstardom, so when a band managed to shake things up a bit, you tended to take notice. This wrecking crew was such a band. After an LP and maybe a 7-inch or two, they were gone, and I heard nothing more of them until the day Todd popped this into my box. Wow, I had no idea they released much more than I thought they did. There’re a total of twenty tracks here spanning their entire recorded career and, aside from a moment of ill-advised rappin’, there’s nary a bad bit in the bunch. Fans of very early RKL or Final Conflict would be well advised to pick this up. Yeah, this is recommended.

 –jimmy (Arclight)