DRAKULAS: Owowowowowowow: 7”

Sep 18, 2015

Sometimes fate just works in your favor. I was about to order this 7” when it arrived in my review pile. You gotta love when that happens. The only thing better is when the record is absolutely amazing, which, in this case, I am going two for two! I was trying to come up with a term for what Drakulas sounds like to me. Dirty, catchy, stripped-down punk rock. I think it would fit nicely with the likes of The Spits or Video. Bands that seamlessly keep it simple and complex at the same time yet never let you stop bobbing your head or shaking your ass. The term I came up with was raw wave. Drakulas is definitely a raw wave band. They would have been the coolest gang in The Warriors. They are coming to take you out and take your turf and your girl. Be warned, Drakulas are coming. 

 –ty (Red Scare)

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