DRAGSTRIP 77: Sin City Hotrods: 5-song CDEP

Jul 25, 2002

Dragstrip 77 have perfectly captured the hallowed sanctified sounds of Sun Studio, circa 1954-1958, but these mad daddy musical hellhounds expertly add a nuclearized atomic blast of frenzied energy, insurmountable leather-clad sonic swagger, and big, bulgin’ bucketloads of bad-ass bullets-ablazin’ bravado to the mix, and my ears couldn’t be any more sinfully titillated than they are now! Imagine a psycho-crazed amphetamine-addled gang of Gene Vincent clones voraciously stompin’ the unholy hell outta the devil himself in the infernal everlasting afterlife. Imagine a debauched by-gone era of pomade-drenched ducktails, garbage-strewn big-city alleyways, authentic curvaceously spectacular pin-up seductresses, 3-D Godzilla madness, James Dean, drive-in movies, and violent blood-splashed street race rumbles in the suburban corridors of a sprawlin’ 1950s frontier. Well, there ya go! I’m open-mouthed and awestruck by this musically mesmerizing masterpiece! There’s a new sonically smokin’ sheriff in town, and it’s Dragstrip 77.

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Dionysus and Rollin’ Rock)