DRAGONS, THE: Rock’N’Roll Kamikaze: CD

Jan 02, 2002

Straight-ahead ballsy rock’n’roll swagger! Hell yeh! The Dragons raucously rip it up like a rampaging out-of-control sonic natural disaster – clamorous, catastrophic, crazed, and absolutely blistering! Take the most primal, most electrifying elements of AC/DC, New York Dolls, The Lazy Cowgirls, Motorhead, and Electric Frankenstein – add a neutron bomb’s blast of raging fullforce fury, sprinkle it with a heaping dash of bottle-tossin’ barroom bravado, and then thickly coat it all in a rabid maddog swirl of pure crazed kinetic energy. There ya have the riproarin’ rock’n’roll kamikaze savagery of The Dragons! Banzai, motherfuckers!

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Junk)