DRAGONS: Rocknroll Kamikaze: CD

Jan 31, 2008

Raucous, rough and tumble punk rock’n’roll on this reissue from San Diego’s answer to Radio Birdman. Originally released on Junk back in 2001 but lost in the shuffle of lost distribution deals and planes crashing into buildings, this melding of Thunders damage, Birdman hooks and AC/DC swagger gets a second shot at legendary status, with five additional tracks tacked onto the end to sweeten the deal. Having not been all that impressed with the Sin Salvation album, I could never quite figure what all the buzz was about, but this swell little piece of plastic succinctly puts it all in perspective. No matter your musical predilections, there’s no denying this is a good album, one worthy of much attention, and I suggest you give it some.

 –jimmy (Gearhead)