DRAG THE RIVER: You Can’t Live This Way: CD

Mar 17, 2008

I’m not too well versed in the alt-country scene, but this seems to be a pretty solid release. I’ve tried a few times to develop a taste for this type of stuff, but it hasn’t happened enough to make me want to go out and purchase a bunch of records. Maybe this will be my gateway into it. Anyway, Drag The River hails from Colorado and plays country that reminds me of Lucero and Tim Barry’s solo work. The lineup includes Chad Price from ALL and JJ Nobody of the Nobodys and the Queers fame, as well as a revolving cast of characters with plenty of punk rock background. The last track on this record is the entire album repeated over again, apparently so fans can pay once and hear the entire album in case they find it on a jukebox in a bar. If this is your bag, then I recommend picking it up. I can see myself listening to this while driving down an empty highway on a sunny day. –Dave Dillon

 –guest (Suburban Home)

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