DRAG THE RIVER: ...Has A Way With Women: 7”

Jul 07, 2006

The first question that really comes to mind: Why was this sent to Razorcake? If anything, these dudes should be vying for a slot on Prairie Home Companion or something—resting somewhere in the neighborhood of a passive Rumbleseat and Springsteen’s The Ghost of Tom Joad, this is some morose country and western stuff, acoustic style. It’s not “alt-country” and is nothing like Lucero or bands of their ilk—this sounds like the kind of stuff that a cowboy would get savagely drunk to before he accidentally shoots himself in the pecker while passing out with his gun. It’s actually pretty decent in spots (though I could do without the slide geetar on the title track), but I really don’t think they were tapping the right demographic when they sent this’n in to Razorcake.

 –keith (Wallride)