DRAFT DODGER #1: free, 8½” x 11”, newsprint, 56 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

Solid music zine in the tradition of MRR, Heartattack, Give Me Back, Razorcake, etc. Newsprint, excellent photos, consistently smart layout, and solid writing.Interviews with Chris Hannah of Propagandhi, Pedals On Our Pirate Ships, and Shoppers. A Philly scene report, articulate columns, some comics, reviews. An exceptional effort, especially for a first issue. I’m really hoping they manage to line up enough ad revenue to keep this thing going—even if it winds up not being free like it is now. Draft Dodgerfeatures some really impressive material, is so clearly a labor of love, and is definitely worth seeking out. –Keith Rosson (Draft Dodger, 1611 S. Meadow St., Richmond, VA23220)