In some tremendous effusion of high concept cerebral-ness incomprehensible to the layman, this alt-pop split consists of a song called “Hot Sauce” on one side, and a song called “Weak Sauce” on the other. Not surprisingly, Dr. Manhattan’s “Hot Sauce”—which sounds kinda like a cross between an American version of the Jazz Butcher and some other alterna-twat songwriter like Beck or whomever—is far superior to Dormlife’s “Weak Sauce.” Truth in advertising, dude. BEST SONG: Dr. Manhattan, “Hot Sauce” BEST SONG TITLE: Dormlife, “Weak Sauce” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I got this record—replete with Watchmen reference—just hours before I sat down and watched all 325 minutes o’ the Watchmen motion comic. Fearful symmetry indeed.

 –norb (Duck Phone/Alarm Clock Revolution, duckphonerecords.com, alarmclockrevolution.com)