DR. KNOW, THE HELLIONS, FANG: Fish & Vegetables: CD

Nov 22, 2009

This ear-searing CD raucously roars with such thundering almighty ballsy punkrock belligerence, it kicked my ass silly and left me for dead (blood-splattered, bruised, and mangled beyond recognition!). The three badass bellowing bands concussively contained herein threateningly rage with push-comes-to-shove menacing ferocity, and they recklessly regurgitate the aural equivalent of doomsday's flesh-scorchin' violent maelstrom. If you're not frightfully intimidated yet, by god, you should be (after only one listen, I was quakin' in my boots somethin' fierce and fillin' 'em full of shit quicker than I could jump-hump a bunnyrabbit!). Dr. Know rambunctiously reverberate with all-out incendiary anger, attitude, and old school insolence (they are now amongst the anarchic audial elite at the top of my all-time fave tune-twistin' insurgents list!). The Hellions robustly blast out a fitful barrage of dirtbag trashrock roarings that makes Zeke, Motorhead, and Speedealer all seem like a sissified bunch of effeminate negligee-attired pantywaists (gawddamn, these bastards are brutally frenzied and confrontationally all-up-in-your-face!). Fang venomously spew forth a lethal dose of harried hardcore heinousness and conflagrant spit-foamin' fierceness that inspired me to bang my head with such rabid maddog zeal, I'll never fully recover from the resulting fits of whiplash spasms and fractured vertebrae trauma. Yep, you ain't anywhere near punk enough until ya get your grubby lil' mitts on this here foot-stompin' package of pure punkrock fury!

 –guest (Hello Records)

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