DR KNOW: Killing for God: LP

Nov 24, 2009

My memory’s shit, but wasn’t this originally released ten years ago under a different title, what the first song on this currently is: “Father Son and Holy Shit”? Am I just dis-remembering it? Did I have a bootleg and not know it? My bands-long-screwed-over-by-Mystic-Records-on-multiple-releases recollections aren’t the best. It’s straight-ahead, Nardcore-proud, holding hands with metal punk by a band that has a funny past. Its vocalist is an ex-child star (he helped the Incredible Hulk land a plane in one episode), ex-temporary Dead Kennedys singer, who’s now a Jak. The band has a song on SouthParkepisode, and is resurging again after a couple of hiatuses. Fits in easily with the reformed Circle One, and the record’s peppered with well-chosen covers of Motörhead, Flipper, and the Dayglos.

 –todd (Unrest)