DR. KNOW: Killing for God: LP

For better or worse, I’ve just thrown Dr. Know in there with a lot of the other Oxnard/Mystic bands of the ‘80s. My knowledge of their catalog is practically nil, apart from those random Mystic comp LPs I’d find in the used bins long ago and never seemed to hold onto for very long. They seemed synonymous with so much of the music from that era and—the stuff just hasn’t aged that well. I mean, sure, I liked Ill Repute when I was sixteen, but their catalog (Uh, Big Rusty Balls, anyone?) has just not proven to be that sturdy over the years. So I was pretty surprised to hear that Killing for God, despite all expectations, is actually pretty good. Okay, if not good, it’s at least passable. There’s some reasonably cheesy chugga-chugga moments that veer pretty damn close to metallesque territory, but it all sounds reasonably… accurate. Dedicated. Sincere. It’s not as seamlessly awesome as the Empty Grave LP that came out a while back, but nowhere near as embarrassing as Big Rusty Balls, you know? Still sounds very “Nardcore” to this untrained ear, but it also comes across as the very definition—with all its limitations and trappings and corniness and, yes, strengths—of old-school hardcore.

 –keith (Unrest)