DOWNWAY: Never Be Clever Again: CD

Nov 22, 2009

Downway effortlessly generate a spirited onslaught of sound that's all-at-once precise, frenzied, fast, heavenly, hectic, and harmonious... it's equal parts pop-punk and melodicore without being too cushy sweet and annoyingly whiney. The soaring fluffy-cloud harmonies, poignant thought-provoking lyrics, rapidfire guitar strafings, and steady-sturdy bass and drum rumblings intricately intertwine with each other to skillfully create a picture-perfect musical masterpiece that's majestically upbeat, radiantly appealing, and supremely pleasing to the ears. I'll joyfully listen to this platter of audial delight until the last of my dying days...

 –guest (206 Records)

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