DOWNTOWN BOYS: Full Communism: LP

Sep 18, 2015

When’s the last time you’ve listened to a punk band—ska doesn’t count—with dueling saxophones? Can’t recall? Well, these Rhode Islanders are here to fill the gaping hole you didn’t even know you had. They rage with the ferocity of Generacion Suicida and Libyans, but the saxophones create an uplifting, totally danceable noise-scape for vocalist Victoria Ruiz’s no-holds-barred lyrics. Ruiz sings in both English and Spanish and tackles topics like privileged males at punk shows who ruin the pit (“Touch my hip? / I’ll cut your cock off / Fuck you tall boys”) and the empowerment of women of color (“We are brown! / We are smart!”). All at once, Downtown Boys sound like punk’s past by being youthful, aggressive, and minimal, but are simultaneously forward-thinking, conceptualizing a future where punks live the things they say and strive for the inclusiveness of all people: “I can’t hear maybes / Necessity / Not one step back / On the wave of history.” Full Communism represents a huge step forward. The message etched in the vinyl can’t be denied and needs to be heard. 

 –Sean Arenas (Don Giovanni,

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