Sep 20, 2007

If you took a CD of a pop punk band and then backed over it with your car, or pick up truck if you live in Florida, a few times... If that disk would actually play again, doubtful, but if it did actually play—it would probably skip a lot, but if it played again—it might sound like a gravelly version of what once was pop punk. That would be these dudes here. They have a catchiness buried under a thick coating of grit, grime, and the sounds of the gutter. But under the sludge, there’s an enthusiasm to the whole CD that is infectious, and also a slight sarcasm that was once a standard for bands of this genre. “I hate myself but I don’t want to die”; self-loathing yet funny at the same time. Dumps have got something here. Just when the CD gets to that part where things get repetitive, dudes pull through because of their enthusiasm for the songs captured in the recording.

 –Dave Disorder (Kiss of Death)