Nov 22, 2009

Down in Flames. Thankfully, they sound nothing like Reel Big Fish, Van Halen, or Blackhawk (a contemporary country music band), all who have songs of the same name as this band. More thankfully, their sound’s leaning towards the Dead Boys. And lookee what the b-side to the “Sonic Reducer” 7” is. “Down in Flames.” Coinkydink? The music’s good. Young, loud, and snotty. You can easily imagine sweat on the guitars and the dry spit hucks of some genuine effort and movement. An obscure way to describe this would be mid-tempo and crunchy, if RKL were less Nardcore and more of a rock band. The main drawback? The lyrics occasionally suck bad in a dial-a-cliché way. Case in point: “Like a runaway freight train/ Going down in flames.”? Many things may go down in flames, but mostly things that fly or fall out of trees. Last I checked, there’s airbuses but no such thing as an aerotrain.

 –todd (Down In Flames/Brian)

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