DOWN AND AWAY: Reclaim the Radio: CD

Jul 22, 2008

Sweden’s Down And Away finally hits stateside record shelves with this collection, their first U.S. release to date. It’s a compilation of some of the catchiest material from four of their prior European releases. Neither 1990s enough nor formulaic enough to be dubbed pop punk, their sound is nonetheless on the more poppy side of melodic punk. Fans of pop punk or mainline 1977-infused punk will love Down And Away. There’s also an added charm due to the English-written lyrics by non-native speakers. There’s nothing too hilariously E.S.L. here (none of it would come out of Balki Bartokomous’s mouth), but the lyrics still have an unintentional comedic quality to them. This is fun, rocking pop that deserves a new audience.

 –Art Ettinger (Warbird)