Sep 23, 2009

This band is just a drummer and a bassist or maybe a guitarist. I don’t know; it’s a two-piece of some sort, which I learned on the internet. My internet is down right now, so I can’t confirm this. It also has quite a big sound for a two-piece, which the internet also told me. This I agree with, yet it does not make me like it any better. They also tried to do some conceptual shit with design (?), similar to what Nation Of Ulysses did with rock and Situationism or whatever. They call themselves design-core or something. It’s similar to Revolution Summer-era Discord stuff, but without a lick of soul or heart. I didn’t need the internet to tell you that, yet that’s the most important thing that I feel I need to get across. I could somehow try to tie that in with the fact that they’re doing the whole design-core thing. But that would imply that I came to that impression after I looked them up on the internet, which was hardly the case.

 –Craven (Thrill Jockey,

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