DOS HERMANOS, LOS: Bourbon, Blood and Seafood: LP

Sep 18, 2015

To start, this is the best cover art I have seen in a while. I can’t stop staring at it. Imagine a scene from the French Revolution with the ominous guillotine taking center stage. Only in this scene, everyone has lost their head. Literally. The mob of peasants, the nobility, the general, the general’s horse; there are heads, eyes open and in a panic, flying everywhere. Even the dove, a universal symbol of peace, flies over the guillotine sans skull and face. Now imagine a rowdy, reverby, hellish sort of ‘60s-style garage band from Bordeaux, France coming out of the speakers as you stare at this beautiful nightmare of a scene. Great tunes. Great album. Great job. 

 –John Mule (Howlin’ Banana,