Doris: By Cindy Crabb By Andrew Flanagan

Nov 24, 2009

This was a tough nut to crack. Ten years of zineing in one beautifully printed volume…is a lot of dedication. It is a lot of stories, pain, heart, and evolution. Cindy Crabb’s goals for Doris are lofty zine boilerplate: changing perception, community, love, media, meaning, and demonstrating that people do feel real things. And Cindy Crabb is a good writer most of the time, specifically when she does away with the pretense of autobiography or whatever and goes for the conceptual carotid. “In my writing, I’m not trying to tell people who I am. In fact, it is pretty hard to meet people who have read my zines for a long time because they feel like they know me, and it makes sense that they do, but really they don’t. Doris is not me.” That quote bugged me. It points out that most seemingly diaryetic (ha) zines are maybe not as truthful as I had assumed, and that maybe the media-take-backers who make up the zine community (see above for goals of Doris) are really just a fount for fakery and an unrealistic standard of personal protest. Which has little to do with Doris: an extensive, mostly good, sometimes great piece of work. –Andrew Flanagan (Microcosm Publishing, 222 S. Rogers, Bloomington, IN47404)