DORIS #30: $3.75, 8 ½” x 7”, copied, 32 pgs.

Jun 13, 2014

Doris is the zine that made me realize what a zine could do, how, beyond entertainment, zines could be education. I am always so amazed by the intellect, compassion, and wisdom with which Cindy Crabb examines herself (past and present) and her community; and her ferocity to heal and better both. In this issue of Doris, Cindy offers up some book reviews (Mend My Dress Press gets a “best ever” award for putting out so many great zine anthologies), a cool story about not getting stung by bees, an interview with Support New York (a DIY collective that aims to heal the effects of sexual assault and abuse; works in punk and anarchist communities). She also openly talks in several pieces about parts of her process of healing post-sexual assault, and about accountability within that context. Make no mistake: this is not a zine about sexual abuse or surviving it: it’s about a person who’s been through a lot, who’s doing really well by anyone’s standards; it’s about the community that person lives in, the flaws and benefits of making your life outside of the mainstream. I think anyone could read this zine—any zine in the Dorisseries—and love it, and I always recommend that everyone should. –Bianca Barragan (Doris Press, PO Box 29, Athens, OH 45701,