Well, I guess it’s about time I have an opinion on this band one way or the other. I met the Dopamines once. They were playing the back patio of a bar in San Antonio and I told one of the Jons how my friend wanted to come down because he loved the line “drink a little sake and get a little cocky.” The Jon looked me at me, pondered seriously for a moment, and tried to remember if that was actually a lyric that they really sang at one point. This anecdote illustrates the ridiculous, but forgettable, quality about the early parts of their discography. The earlier records had moments that stand as great pop punk moments, where others stand in mediocrity. If I put money on it, I would probably say this is the best thing I’ve ever heard by them. As someone who’s been watching them since their debut years ago, this is the first records of theirs that I could see coming back to more than half a dozen times. For the longest time, it had to do with the fact that the Copyrights filled the same basic functions as the Dopamines, but I think this album marks the official point where I can really say that a band can sound like the Dopamines or The Copyrights, with clear distinguishing marks between the two.

 –Bryan Static (It’s Alive,