DOOMBUGGY: Blow Your Soul: CD

Oct 29, 2001

Doombuggy have flawlessly constructed the ultimate high-voltage power-rock release with the ear-crumplin’ audial wonder that is Blow Your Soul. It’s hard-rockin’ yet melodious, primal yet well-polished, aggressive and intimidating yet smooth, impeccable, and solidly structured. The boyish barroom-brawlin’ vocals, crunchy powerchord-driven guitar rhythms, solar flare eruptions of soaring skin-tinglin’ leads, monstrous spine-snappin’ bass rumblings, and thunder-hoofed herd of buckin’ bronco drum-bashin’ frenzy all add up to one helluva skull-crackin’ wallop of road-travellin’ rock’n’roll rowdiness. It’s as if The Who, MC5, Cheap Trick, D-Generation, and a meaner leaner Matthew Sweet were vigorously swallowed whole by Godzilla and then gruffly regurgitated in a fiery fit of full surround-sound fury. Man oh man, Doombuggy sure know how to plug it in, crank it up, and robustly blast the shingles off the roof! This is cacophonously beyond compare...

 –Roger Moser Jr. (P22/Atom Smash)