DONALD THOMPSON: Screamin’ Feedback: 7” EP

Additional penis-pumping punk from an Italian squad more notable to me for their always-fine cover art and namesake ((an Oklahoma judge convicted of using a penis pump whilst hearing cases)) than for their material being any manner of sonic manna for my soul. Loud, well-played, and well-produced punk with hard rock leanings not unlike some of the less-interesting ((but not entirely horrible)) West Coast bands of about fifteen years ago ((I’m trying to remember the name of that band who didn’t have the bass player and did a Rose Tattoo cover but so far it’s eluding me)). Lyrically, one song rails about “pussies on MTV,” whilst another bemoans today’s generation always being “on TV or Playstation®. One half expects them to start ragging on disco, Pac-Man and CHiPs next. I think the Luv Bulb needs a few more squeezes. BEST SONG: “No Way.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Screamin’ Feedback.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: A download code is hand-taped to each lyric sheet. Hey, i don’t know where that hand’s been!

 –norb (Surfin’ Ki, [email protected])