DON HOWLAND: Life Is a Nightmare: LP

Jan 19, 2016

Don Howland, he hates the bass. He hates the bass and he’s willing to name his LP something so overwrought that any bummed thirteen-year-old could get behind it, and he’s recorded a handful of songs over four years that take some of the bright and trebly piecemeal work of folks like The Motards, Hasil Adkins, and the Murder City Devils—and manages to make it his own. The first track, I shit you not, is something that wouldn’t have been terribly out of place on Raw Power.Or at least something written by dudes wanting to write Raw Power a year or two after Raw Power came out, if that makes sense. I mean, Nightmare is more sparse than it is ferocious—instrumentally speaking—and at times the tinny quality and medium tempos make it seem like this thing is just resolutely plodding along, but there are still some lo-fi garage gems buried here. Just wish the guy didn’t hate the bass so much.

 –Keith Rosson (12XU)