DON GARNELLI : The Amazing End of Everything: Cassette

I like this. Totally not what I was expecting. The spine on the cover reads “Grindcore death,” so, of course, I was expecting to hear harsh guitars, fucked up vocals, and minced drumming. Instead, this is something from out of left field. It’s ambient noise with grindcore outbursts here and there. When they’re in grind mode, it’s cool. Sort of like Unholy Grave, with the short bursts of sound, then on to the next. But the strength of this tape—and the reason I keep going back to it—is the ambient sounds they’re generating. There are cold squelches of sound, like a wind tunnel taped then ran slow on the playback, or the blips and clicks that float in and out of the speakers. This is kind of like what Gasp were attempting, but Don Garnelli are more successful and interesting. It doesn’t sound forced at all. The soundscapes have a darkness about them, but it’s not one of impending doom. It’s as though you’re spending a late night at an industrial plant and hearing all the sounds that go on as you walk around.

 –M.Avrg (To Live A Lie,