DOLLYROTS, THE: Eat My Heart Out: CD

Jul 06, 2007

I saw The Dollyrots rock the house at the Anarchy Library back in April. At the time, they didn’t have anything released. I figured I’d keep my eyes open for any future releases. When this showed up at Razorcake, I grabbed it, listened to it once when I got home, and my wife promptly stole it from me. It’s okay. I like this album, but she loves it. It’s on almost every time I get into her car. I think I’m going to go deaf from turning on my wife’s car and hearing the Dollyrots pushing the speakers to the limit. Eat My Heart Out is well-done, female-fronted pop punk that has all the requisite traces of Nikki and the Corvettes and the Bobbyteens. “Kick Me to the Curb” gets the album rolling with the right mix of breaking hearts and shaking hips. Songs like “Jackie Chan” and “Wreckage” are tight little balls of energy. I don’t think anyone could listen to “Penny” all the way through without singing along to the chorus. And, finishing it all off is a cool cover of “Be My Baby.” This is a solid debut album all the way through. I can’t wait to steal it back.

 –sean (Panic Button)