DOLLYROTS, THE: Because I'm Awesome: CD

Jul 23, 2007

When I used to listen to the radio a couple of years ago, I would listen to Dickey Barret in the mornings here in L.A. before he got fired. He used to play, every once in awhile, a song called “Wreckage” by a band called the Dollyrots. Every time that song came on, it would put on a smile on my face and I would be bopping down the street in my car blasting the stereo. I loved that the vocals were cutesy in a bubblegum way and snotty too. The music with its hard hitting 4/4 drumming and the driving, clean guitars made the song instantly infectious. I never really got off my ass to go look for the release, but it definitely is on my list of things to buy if I ever come across it. So it’s kind of funny that I got the newest release for review. This release has a stronger sound than the previous song that I heard, like they are coming from the garage to the stage. It’s more in your face and has a stronger rock sound. The signature vocals are there but there seems to be more confidence in delivery. The guitars are bolder and punch with much more force. The bass is solid and recorded with the tones that make you feel the notes. Something about the drumming of this band makes me want to pogo because it makes the songs sound more fun. Like the title suggests, the pop geek in me agrees that they are awesome! Now I really need to get searching for that previous release.

 –don (Blackheart)