DOLLICIOUS: Cold Cinder: 7"

May 14, 2001

This is wondrously wild distorted audial depravation at its most mindwarping and disruptive best. Dollicious are clamorously comparable to a cranked-to-the-max over-amped Who frantically fronted by Theo Lunachick (and toss in the occasional spooky strains of a theremin's wavy-gravy eeriness for added incendiary effect). Man, this is deliciously decadent, aurally belligerent, and nefariously noisy beyond belief... I've repeatedly rotated it until I can no longer hear myself think (it's that damn addictive, folks!). Please, Dollicious, tell me there's gonna be more...

 –Roger Moser Jr. (Get Hip, PO Box 666, Canonsburg, PA 15317; or Dollicious, 39 Newcourt House, Pott St, Bethnal Green, London E2 0EG, UK)