Nov 02, 2015

I was enjoying this album pretty thoroughly on the first listen. And then the track “I Hope I Don’t Fuck This Up” came on and I quickly began telling close friends about this cool new album I found. Dollar Signs has some shakiness to them. There’s some off-key vocal crooning, seemingly random genre switching, and a good dose of slacker rock influence (if that kind of thing bothers you). The end result is somewhere between folk, indie rock, ska, and pop punk. Basically, anything goes, and for me that’s definitely a plus. Check this out if you’re a fan of Bomb The Music Industry, Against Me!, or other punk bands that tread the line of not really being a punk band. (I wrote that sentence before I even got to the Jeff Rosenstock cameo on “Reinventing Dollar Signs,” so I feel even more justified in that comparison.) Grade: A-.

 –Bryan Static (Death To False Hope,

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