DOGS, THE: Self-titled: 3-Song 7” EP

Sep 18, 2001

Wow, this is a lot more motivated than I thought it’d be. It’s a re-issue from 1978. “Slash Your Face” starts a little surfy, and then breaks into a groove which is often reminiscent of Hollywood’s The Cheifs. Hard-boiled, middle/fast tempo roiling bass. Siren to stagger to slash guitar. A drummer that pounds in a way that both controls the tempo and provides the spine. The vocals come by way of early Iggy; the voluptuary screams and spastic wiggles. The last song, when Mary sings backups, sounds like Nikki and the Corvettes, only if they’d ran into a brick wall. Super fine re-issue. Sounds fresh 20 years plus after the fact.

 –todd (Dionysus)