DOGMATICS, THE: “Gimme the Shakes” b/w “20 Flight Rock”: 7”

Mar 12, 2010

Having not known a whole lot about the Dogmatics catalog, I was surprised to find this in the mail, considering this is a band that’s almost thirty years old now. Turns out it’s a re-release of a single originally put out in 1984. For the uninitiated, the Dogmatics were a seminal Boston punk rock/rock’n’roll band. Side A is a simple, straightforward toe-tappin’ rock’n’roll song with a heavy dose of harmonica. B side is a rockabilly jingle that sounds like the kind of number the young rooster would sing to woo the hens, much to the dismay of Foghorn Leghorn in Banty Raids. Even though these two songs are enjoyable, with being played at 45 speed and with the big hole in the middle, they come and go awfully fast. This was made to be played for a dime in the jukebox at Arnold’s. However, with the inflated price of vinyl today, I’m not sure this is an essential for anyone except the most dedicated Dogmatics devotees.

 –Jeff Proctor (Ramo)