Jan 19, 2016

A few years back, my friends Jen and Marco were married by Mike Park, founder of Asian Man Records. After the ceremony, I took the opportunity to gush to Mike about how much I loved Lost Control, Dog Party’s new release at the time. His response was more or less “those girls are going to be huge.” Here we are, two years down the line, and we’ve got a new Dog Party album to grace our presence. Without missing a beat, Vol. 4 is just as catchy, intricately composed, and sugary sweet as their previous efforts. It’s no wonder Dog Party has been chosen to be Kepi Ghoulie’s backup band, or that they released their first vinyl records before both members are out of high school. I’m not only impressed, I’m jealous. They’re one of those bands where every song has a perfect melody and I just never want to play guitar again because I’ll never write a song that good. Long live Dog Party. This record rules. Grade: A. 

 –Bryan Static (Asian Man)