DOG FIGHT: Demo 2011: Cassette

Nov 17, 2011

The interesting thing about Dog Fight is that their lyrics actually sound less like lyrics and more like song titles for other, possibly more badass, records. Check out the lyrics to the first song, “Thought Control”: “Deaths [sic] Destruction / Violent Oppression / Thought Control / Suicide Escape Plan.” Now, come on, does that not sound like the song titles for a kickass EP or what? As far as their actual demo: it sounds like they like Infest. It sounds like this was recorded live, possibly in someone’s kitchen. It sounds like they turn the vocalist’s reverb way up on the fourth song, “I.D.C.,” which, surprisingly, works in their favor. Despite its limitations, this was actually a pretty cool release, and as a demo, it certainly gets the job done.

 –keith (Dog Fight)