DOG ASSASSIN: Self-titled: 7”

Oct 18, 2006

Uppity activist rock that comes in a nice hand-sewn cloth cover that I’ll be able to use as a hot pad whenever I make my White Castle and Hot Dog casserole. Ah, just kidding. I’m sure these dumpster diving vegan kids are well meaning as all get up, but sometimes this ossified über-earnestness makes me want to shove a flute up my ass and fart out a Clay Aiken tune while I walk on my hands. Don’t get me wrong; these are serious subjects, to be sure, but I don’t necessarily want a hot coffee colonic each time I drop the needle down on a record. Bands like the Dead Kennedys and MDC proved long ago that it’s possible for a chippy punk band to tackle serious social issues without all that damn gravity. I was hoping that, with a name like “Dog Assassin” that this would be a lot funnier. Sorry, I guess I’m just not feeling all that serious this month.

 –aphid (Spacement)