DOBERMANN CULT: Lions Share of the Dog Years: CD

May 30, 2014

Swedish dudes doing the NYHC thing. While I was kind of looking forward to trashing this—this is easily my least favorite genre of punk—Dobermann Cult made that pretty difficult to do. Sure, the template never strays very far from the one laid down long ago by oldie-moldies like H2O and Sick Of It All, but what sets this band apart is their absolutely refreshing lack of meatheadedness. The lyrics contain reasonably articulate and meaningful calls for unity, tolerance, and compassion that span the gamut of racial, sexual, and economic differences, something that really endeared me to this band. Still not really a fan of the music—though admittedly they’re good at it—but I’d wholeheartedly suggest fans of the genre check these dudes out well before listening to yet another beefed-up ignoramus yell about how he’s been stabbed in the back. 

 –keith (Gaphals,