Nov 24, 2009

Second installment of the “Fuck Your Scene, Kid” series on Kranium. I like how the bands chosen to share the splits are not of the exact same style, which makes for a more interesting listen, since it doesn’t get monotonous, and also how the various styles play against one another. Fredag Den 13:e (Friday the 13th) are d-beat influenced, but there’s also some Tragedy in there as well: heavy, wall of distortion, and tuneful all at once. Doberman Cult, though from Sweden, sound heavily influenced by U.S. East Coast hardcore bands of the ‘80s. Sort of like Sick Of It All mixed with Minor Threat for the speed and intensity. “Turn Your Cheek No More” is a short and fast ripper that makes this main reason I would recommend picking this up. It stars off full on and ends in seconds. So f’n good! More songs like this and these guys could be deadly. As with most Kranium releases, the pressing is small and limited. Only 500 pressed, hand numbered, and this one is on red vinyl.

 –M.Avrg (Kranium,