DOA: Win the Battle: CD

Jul 09, 2009

Hoo, doggy, where does one begin with this? Yes, this is the same DOA that’s been slugging it out in some shape or another since the ‘70s and no, this is by no means their finest hour. Most of the songs sound forced and short on inspiration – which is amazing considering the myriad of shit going on in the world these last couple years from which to draw at least an idea or two for a song – although the level of enthusiasm of those performing is strangely high. They cover themselves (a ill-conceived blues rendition of “Fuck You”) and ZZ Top (eschewing a more fitting cover of that band’s “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers” for a stab at “La Grange”) this time around, neither really adding much to their legacy. Of thirteen songs, the one that comes closest to sounding like a quality DOA tune is “Return to LumberjackCity,” which is shows flashes of the swagger and self-assurance that makes their best work so damn listenable. Still, one song does not a great record make and, while I have nothing but love for Joey Shithead and Randy Rampage, maybe it’s time to send the old warhorse back to the showers for a spell, at least until a vein of steady inspiration can be tapped, ’cause this stuff ain’t doing nothing but tarnishing the good name and reputation of one of the best bands in the history of punk rock.

 –jimmy (Sudden Death)

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