D.O.A.: Talk-Action=0: CD

The fact the album title is a retread notwithstanding (previously used, albeit in a slightly different form, for a live album they released some years ago), I am pleased as punch to say that this, this, my friends, is a release worthy of the DOA name. Sure, Dimwit, Biscuits and the “classic” lineup(s) are missed, but Joey ‘n’ his latest batch of cohorts dish up some tunes that sound like DOA: zippy, catchy yet abrasive, topical but not preachy, rough yet tempered with their signature snotty charm. The second half might not be quite as consistently strong as the first, and there are a couple of spots where their later “rock” sound sneaks in, but you’ll be hard pressed to find an original here that flat-out sucks. Nice to see, and hear ‘em, back in fine form and without all the bad ska in tow.

 –jimmy (Sudden Death, suddendeath.com)